New guy with some thoughts about couplers

Michael Graff

Hey all!
This narrow gauge thing in HOn3 can be a bit tricky at times...
I have tested some of my Kadee equipped locomotives and cars on the layout I bought last spring.
Then I experienced one thing that annoyed me. Greatly!
When running the coaches at speed they oscillate longitudinally.
Not good....

This is obviously because of the Kadee couplers construction ( # 714)?
They spring in the longitudinal direction, and the result makes it look very unrealistic.

How did I find a cure?
I bit the bullet and order a copious amount (well, almost...) of Sergent Sharon couplers!!
Both short and long ones, all inspired by the article in the 2014 HOn3 Annual.
These very scale like couplers, can they solve the oscillating issue and not only the ugly uncouplers that the Kadees have.

I have ordered assembly jigs for them too, as it should make things a bit easier.
They was not much more expensive than Kadees, so that alone speaks for Sergent.
Wish me patience!

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