Re: [SergentEng] Re: Limited Time Availability, and other random thoughts


Heck since I'm retired I guess I'm "playing" !! I am a retired Broadcast Radio Engineer, radio station owner/operator from the Pacific Northwest. Did our morning show for over 35 years and meet a ton of nice folks both in the business and had some great surprises in finding out that many in the entertainment field were model railroaders... had a great interview with Rod Stewart once down in Seattle. He really does travel with a ton of kits and a well stocked workbench that puts mine to shame!!

 Now relocated to Montrose, Colorado and with the help of my wife Debbie, we are building a 28x 32 foot On30 layout. Lots of fun. However, now in the middle of doing Chemotherapy, its a battle sometimes to get motivated for working on the layout. If there are any modelers, any scale, who would like to get there hands dirty in helping to build and you're in the Montrose area, we would love to have you stop by. You can contact us at katmedia@.... Hope to see some friendly faces in the near future..... Cheers!!

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