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Mike Conder

I'm an engineer but not on a railroad.  I design pipelines and compressor station and processing plant for oil & gas production.  Frack on!

Mike Conder

On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, Dale Kritzky dalekritzky@... [SergentEng] <SergentEng@...> wrote:

I'm also an interstate freight relocation specialist ie owner operator hauling coils and I also work for the Central New England RR as a conductor, truck driver, sometimes trackworker and sometimes loco mechanic.
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"George S-C gsebastiancoleman@... [SergentEng]" <SergentEng@...> wrote:


i’m an interpretive guide: professor of English and theatre.

George Sebastian-Coleman
11 Taine Mountain Road
Unionville CT 06085

On Nov 17, 2015, at 5:22 PM, Andrew Wood andrew1wood@... [SergentEng] <SergentEng@...> wrote:

I'm a lunker on the list ... Im a freight relocation specialist A.K.A. drive B Double trucks on the East Coast of Australia, driving anywhere from 23 ton to 68.5 ton.

Andrew W
Victoria, Australia

On 18 Nov 2015, at 00:20, Jason McKee jdmkee@... [SergentEng] <SergentEng@...> wrote:


Yeah I will join in. Currently gas movements specialist aka gas tanker driver 

On 17 Nov 2015, at 23:11, Carey Probst s-scale@... [SergentEng] <SergentEng@...> wrote:


Actually this has intrigued me a bit, wondering what many of us do/did for a living.

Nuclear physicist is cool
I'll claim Rocket Scientist (Aerospace Engineer) and computer geek

Anybody else want to play?

Carey Probst
Pennsyltucky RR
Chief Microferroequineologist
On 11/17/2015 5:50 AM, Scaler164@... [SergentEng] wrote:
I have to say that I'm finding this conversation to be quite entertaining... what with the fact that nuclear physics does or does not explain why one models the Colorado narrow gauge railroads... in Ireland, no less... and with Frank assembling couplers in his sleep.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this.   :)

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