Custom Coupler

James Koretsky

Hi Frank,

I'm working on a new freight car kit (HO Scale of course) and I'm looking for a custom coupler shank length for the Type F to offer as an option. I'd be willing to make a bulk purchase of the couplers to make it worth your while, a kit coupler of course would be fine. I can assemble the couplers myself for those that want assembled or provide as a kit.

What would you need from me?

Basically the freight car kit is designed to use a Kadee #156 Long Shank "Scale Head" coupler, and I use the term scale head loosely! I would need a compatible shank coupler, that has the same shank length as the #156 with the Type F Coupler head on it. I assume that these would be a done as investment cast couplers, and would be "printed" but use the die cast knuckles.

Let me know what you'd like me to do.


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