Re: [SergentEng] Re: Limited Time Availability, and other random thoughts

Carey Probst

Actually this has intrigued me a bit, wondering what many of us do/did for a living.

Nuclear physicist is cool
I'll claim Rocket Scientist (Aerospace Engineer) and computer geek

Anybody else want to play?

Carey Probst
Pennsyltucky RR
Chief Microferroequineologist

On 11/17/2015 5:50 AM, Scaler164@... [SergentEng] wrote:
I have to say that I'm finding this conversation to be quite entertaining... what with the fact that nuclear physics does or does not explain why one models the Colorado narrow gauge railroads... in Ireland, no less... and with Frank assembling couplers in his sleep.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this.   :)

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