Re: [SergentEng] 3/4 MCB for EBT?

John Niemeyer <jniemeyer@...>


I'm not an expert on the MCB couplers. I do have some size comparisons with Kadee 714 vs. Sergent EN87 and Micro Trail Lines 1029 (N scale) vs Sergent RNB87 (Sharon) couplers.


Thinking of using Sergent Engineering couplers for all of my EBT equipment. This consists of Hallmark Models Mikados, the M-1, and parlor/business car #20 as well as Blackstone hoppers, F&C kits, and a Peach Creek Shops Brass Caboose. Which Sergent couplers are closest to the 3/4 MCB coupler used by the EBT that will work/fit in the equipment listed?

Nathan Kline

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