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To All,
Not that I mind at all,but I think if Sergent offered some type of centering device,these couplers would gain more attention,just my opinion. I have no problem with no centering spring,would I like to take less time centering,yes,but even when using Kadee's you still have to be aware around a turnout or any type of curve,where the coupling point ends. By that,I meant if your Kadee couplers will "pass" each other,or if they're still enough in a straight line to couple without a 5 fingure assist.


It's true that Kadees won't couple on curves, up to a point. The Colorado Model Railroad Museum (Oregon, California, and Eastern) has 43" radius curves and Kadees do couple on those. Both yards (Klamath Falls and Lakeview) are built around teardrops with the mains as the tightest curves at 43" and there is no problem coupling in the yards.

Spen Kellogg

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