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John Degnan

Yes, you could do dat... but at what cost?  What I mean is this - the smaller dimensions of the hole required for the S scale coupler allows the width of the coupler's shank to be narrower than what it would be if the shank had to be widened to accomodate an HO sized hole.  If you enlarge the hole, you will by default, need to widen the shank.
Unacceptable in my book... narrower is better as it makes for more realistic, scale-sized appearance.  It was a good idea, though...
John Degnan

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You could do dat and include a nice plastic sleeve to reduce the hole size.

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr
Sn42 and Hn42 somewhere in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest

> Frank had thrown out an S scale Sharon coupler as a possibility earlier in his development schedule, and I was a little dissapointed that it did not come to fruition. Let us hope his S scale Type E coupler sales encourage him to offer a second design. As they are investment cast, tooling costs are not quite the issue they are for die cast. A Kadee HO compatible post would not be my personal first choice for S scale standard gauge equipment, but if that is what it took for Frank to generate the sales he needs...
> Earl Tuson

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