Re: [SergentEng] Coupler bining in draft gear boxes

Mike Van Hove

Just thin the shank with a couple of strokes of a good, sharp, flat file.  Try the fit as you go, you can always take off more, but it's hard to add some back on.  VBG

And, yes, the reamer is your best friend.  Go easy, as it cuts very well in this rather soft material.  One twist and give it a try.  You will soon learn how many turns to get a very good fit.

Have fun!

Mike Van Hove

On Aug 16, 2015, at 12:04 PM, Alan Hummel ahummel72@... [SergentEng] wrote:


I'm still in the experiment stage with mounting Sergent couplers in various rolling stock & diesel draft boxes.
So far,Intermountain rolling stock is mostly a "drop in" procedure.
Tangent 4750 cvd grain hoppers & Athearn,represent varing degrees of problems.
Tangent is a "NO GO" as when the coupler cover is installed the couplers won't turn side to side to at all. They come with Kadee #58s installed,&they work about right. I compared the shank thickness & there's a "tad" bit more thickness on the Sergent coupler,which is all that's required for failure to swing back & forth,but am reluctant to start filing down the coupler shank. Could it be that the post spreads just enough when the screw is installed that's holding the coupler from swinging instead of the shank thickness? If this is the case,I bought the Sergent Reamer. I need to do more experimentation,but just wondered if anyone else has had this similar problem & has the answer for me.
 Also,should I use longer shank SBE couplers on SD40-2s & on cars such as 72ft centerbeam flat's & 89ft auto carriers?

Many thanks to all for your help.
Al Hummel

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