Re: [SergentEng] Non-closing knuckle update

Frank Sergent

Hi All,

Tim's update on the situation is absolutely correct. I can add a little more as well.

First, there seems to be confusion about which couplers might exhibit the problem and so maybe some folks are afraid to order anything right now. As soon as I verified the reported operational problem with the couplers, I disabled online ordering for the affected items. That seems like forever ago. 

I believe that anything you can currently order on the website will operate correctly and can be shipped within a week. As Tim pointed out, this includes all the diecast couplers. The investment cast double shelf couplers are also available at this point as problems with those have been corrected and I have stock on hand. 

The next item to become available will be the type F and type H couplers. I have verified my fix for those, but I currently don't have enough stock to justify enabling online ordering for those again. I expect to cast a batch next weekend and will have items available the next week.

The next items to come will be the short shank couplers. The fix is verified, I just need to build stock but I'm working on the type H/F first.

Next up will be the long shank couplers. Again, the fix is verified - just need to build stock.

I have a short list of customers that have reported experiencing the "knuckle locked in the open position" problem to me. If you have experienced this problem and have not yet contacted me about it, please do so offlist. Just click the email-us link on the website. My intent is to make good with those customers prior to enabling ordering for those items on the my website. I should note that this problem previously only affected a small fraction of couplers shipped. Most worked just fine. That's part of what made this problem so difficult to pin down. In short, if you don't know if you have couplers with this problem - then you most likely do not.

If there is a bright side to this issue, its that I'll have quite a few assembled couplers available for styles that are typically only available as kits. Those items will be listed beside the kits on the website and will be made available at the same time the kits are released again.

Thanks to everyone for waiting. This has been a long road.



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