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John Degnan

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Dave, Earl,
It has been around about a year ago, give or take a few months, so I don't remember Frank's exact words... but he once told me that offering more than one shank design for his couplers would be no big issue due to the Way he was/is making them.  I am only assuming that his production method has not changed since then... mainly because I don't remember what method he was using at the time we had that conversation... but if nothing has changed since then, I see no reason why he wouldn't be willing/able to offer the Sharon in two forms - one to fit a Kadee S box and the other to fit a Kadee HO box. He is doing exactly this with his HO couplers with the EC and EN shank variants... so... why would it not be possible in S (without a major cost investment)?
John Degnan

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