Corrosion on couplers

Mike Van Hove

Well, I have been working on my fleet of screwed up couplers.

I have observed that the corrosion seems to occur where there is no paint. I used very thin Craft Paint Acrylics.

Some of the couplers have no paint of any kind. (I was getting to the end of the coupler making and thought to paint them later).

The unpainted couplers have a gray coating over the entire coupler, and they are bound up.

The painted ones had a white powder on the areas where I had rubbed the paint off while doing the "Breaking in" process.

This says to me, the couplers MUST be painted.

I went to Menards and bought a 1/2 pint can of Rustoleum "Rusty Metal Primer".

Somewhere here in all this bunch of emails, I saw it said to use Acetone for thinner, but the instuctions on the can said use Mineral Sprits.

The Acetone is for disolving the ACC for dis-assembly purposes.

I'm going to dis-assemble the affected couplers, go thru the entire process and re-assemble with a dab of Neolube inside, and a light coat of Rustoleum on the outside.

If this doesn't work, I'm going back to working on the Wooden Ship Model, the "Blue Nose" that I started several years ago.

Hope this works,
Thanks to all for your help.

Mike Van Hove
(the other Mike)

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