Investment cast coupler update

Tim L

Hello all,

It's been a couple of months since the stuck couplers (ball problem)
came up so I shot Frank an eMail for an update and this is what he had
to say.

He has had some success with the SEC style couplers and *hopes* to have
them available again next week. I would say don't quote that as gospel
it will happen.

As for all the other couplers, mixed results so far. He is working
through everything, from design to materials to processes to see if
anything could be a factor.

Once things are solved, he will offer things pre assembled for a while.
I take this to mean no kits (remember, this is only the investment cast
couplers, diecast (bulk pack style) aren't affected) which makes sense,
as he has to assemble them he can be sure they will work when they go
out. I am sure Frank will return to kits when he's confident everything
has been worked out.

So thank you Frank for taking what is precious time, money and
resources to a small company to work things through instead of just
putting all those speciality investment cast couplers in the too hard
basket and only continuing with the standard diecast E.

Best to you all,


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