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Mike Van Hove

Yes, I have tapped and tapped, even to the point of being afraid to tap any harder, for fear of damaging the coupler.
I know, it seems hard to believe they could get that stuck, but they are.
Some do come loose after some tapping, but most do not.
Thanks for the suggestion,

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Just curious here as I've had success getting 'sticky' ball bearings to move by tapping the knuckle with the magnet.   It does sound like yours are a bit more then just sticky...  have you tried tapping them?

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Jerry, yes, I have an ultrasonic cleaner, and I would never have thought of that.

Terrific idea.  I'll give it a shot, tomorrow, and report back.
I might be able to rig up some kind of fixture so I don't even have to take the couplers off the car.  Who knows?
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Hello Mike,

If you have access to a ultrasonic cleaner it might just remove your corrosion. I had a few couplers that I put lubricant in which only gummed things up. I put the couplers that needed cleaning on a rod so they hung knuckle down so that the ultrasonic cleaner as it cleaned the lubricant out gravity also lowered anything in the coupler down and out of the inside of the coupler. 

You could do several couplers at a time and not have to disassemble them.

Jerry Kitts

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My original message to Frank at Sergent Engineering, (He suggested I share this problem with you):

I built a bunch of your HO Standard Gauge couplers about a year ago.  I did all the steps as the instructions said and made sure each coupler was given the "Break in"  They all seemed to work just fine.  Then, due to surgery on my foot, I didn't operate the RailRoad all winter.  When I finally got started again, about half of the couplers won't work.  It's almost like they are glued shut.  Is it possible the ACC has migrated to close up the knuckles?  I used as small an amount as possible and, as I said, they all worked just fine, until they sat over the winter.
I've tried to put a drop of Liquid Wrench in the opening.  No help.
I've squirted a puff of powdered graphite in.  No help.
I've tried a small drop of NeoLube.  No help.
Only thing that has worked is to disassemble and reassemble the coupler.  That works.  Sort of a pain in the rear to have to do that on half of a 100 car fleet.  VBG
Any ideas?
I really don't want to redo the entire fleet.  Well, half of the entire fleet.
They worked so well before I stopped using them in November.
Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

Mike Van Hove

Jerry Kitts
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