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Mike Van Hove

I have used them on the pilot of Mantua, Bachmann and MDC.  They require some finagling (That's a technical term, used by coupler installers), and in a couple (no pun intended), of cases on the tender as well.   Some reaming may be necessary.  If you don't have one, I highly recommend the tapered reamer Sergent sells.  It may seem a little pricey, but after you use it, you will be very glad you bought it.
Now, you need to know, the Glatzl Coupler is solid, that is, the knuckle is fixed.  However, you can still couple up to another Sergent EC or EN type.   They aren't quite as realistic looking as the regular Sergents but barely noticeable difference.
A pack of (12), i think, is enough for starters, and pretty cheap.  Give 'em a try.  These sergents are kinda fun to screw around with.  I started with the 6 paks, and was immediately hooked on them.  Have now assembled and installed 300 EC87 & EN87, plus 8 Glatzl's.   Each installation gets a little easier, and there seems to be no end to the different ways to use them.

Try 'em, you'll like em.

The one caveat is:  if you're going to do them, you really need to plan on doing every car you have, as they really don't inter couple with Kadee's or accumates, etc.

Also, as you are assembling them, be sure to use some graphite.  I like to dip a Yellow handled Micro Brush in the Graphite and shove the brush into the knuckle opening, then twirl the brush while it's inside the opening.  That has worked best for me.  You can't get too much Graphite in there.  If you think you have, just tap the open end of the coupler on your work bench and the excess will come right out.  I found powdered Graphite to be superior to pencil lead, which some guys really like.  My trouble was all I had were 3H pencils and they are way too hard.  Some might say I didn't have enough lead in my pencil, but that's another story.

Let us know how you are getting on with them.


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Hello, new to the group. I am wondering if anyone has experience with the HO Glatzl dummy couplers that they are willing to share? Any brand cars that they are not compatible with? How do they compare to the Walthers dummy couplers? Thanks for any input.

Jon Hall

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