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Peter Vanvliet <groups@...>


I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Sergent S-scale coupler. I had bought a couple of the old version, which I liked. I also bought a couple of the HO-scale new versions, so that I could try them out (building them; not using them on an S-scale car).

These are going to be my fleet standard. I have an immediate need of 15 pair, but I will buy more to be able provide couplers for future equipment purchases.

At first I was concerned about interoperability with Kadee couplers installed on other club members' equipment, but in reality each club member runs his own trains, so I can make my entire train use Sergent couplers and be happy.


I would be OK with having to do some filing work on the coupler, if need be. Just my $0.02.

 - Peter.

On 12/23/2013 12:03 pm, Mike Conder wrote:
Do how many people on this list are waiting for the S scale couplers?

Mike Conder

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