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Frank Sergent

Hi Trevor,

I think the operational problems with the S scale coupler have been solved. I had to take about 0.002" off the perimeter of the knuckle and they seem to work ok now. There are still some manufacturing issues that mean the sprue on the knuckle is more pronouced than I would like. After the sprue location is filed smooth, the couplers seem to work fine. I don't know if I can solve this problem or not. If not, the knuckles will have to be filed as part of the assembly process. Its not hard or critical, but it takes more time than I like. I had already decided that the S scale couplers would be offered in kit form only. I don't have enough cheap labor (family members) to dedicate to assembly of these. All castings for the S scale coupler will be investment cast from 3D printed waxes. This means they will be MUCH easier to deal with than the old spin cast couplers. I don't suspect you will have any trouble building them, even if I can't get the knuckle manufacturing issue worked out.


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Thanks for posting the photo, Frank.
You mentioned a while back that the S scale design wasn't working - can you elaborate on what it's not doing?
Also, I'm playing catch-up on these - can you give us a bit more info? Will they be die-cast like your EN87 couplers, or will they be white metal like the old S scale couplers, or something else? Will you offer them pre-assembled, like the EN87A?
I always had trouble building your old S scale couplers - it was not a fault of the coupler, but rather my skills were insufficient for work where finishes and tolerances were critical. So after trying the S scale kits I switch to your EN87A couplers on my Maine two-foot (On2) layout and loved them.
I'm now working in S scale standard gauge, and would love to give the new couplers a try - once they're ready for market, of course.
- Trevor

Trevor Marshall

Port Rowan in S
I model a steam-era Canadian National branch line terminal in S scale, and blog about it here:

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