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Carey Probst

Me, no layout yet so not a big deal.  Still building cars.



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On 12/23/2013 1:03 PM, Mike Conder wrote:

Do how many people on this list are waiting for the S scale couplers?

Mike Conder

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Thanks for posting the photo, Frank.

You mentioned a while back that the S scale design wasn't working - can you elaborate on what it's not doing?

Also, I'm playing catch-up on these - can you give us a bit more info? Will they be die-cast like your EN87 couplers, or will they be white metal like the old S scale couplers, or something else? Will you offer them pre-assembled, like the EN87A?

I always had trouble building your old S scale couplers - it was not a fault of the coupler, but rather my skills were insufficient for work where finishes and tolerances were critical. So after trying the S scale kits I switch to your EN87A couplers on my Maine two-foot (On2) layout and loved them.

I'm now working in S scale standard gauge, and would love to give the new couplers a try - once they're ready for market, of course.


- Trevor

Trevor Marshall

Port Rowan in S

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