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It just so happens that I know the guy in this video - Tim Hartsfield, and have seen his operational cutbar in person.  He made the locking pin using a wire lift ring.  Just that simple.
Many, many, many moons ago, there was a series of S scale couplers of the DEVORE brand name that operated a great deal like Tim's (except from the bottom), and these couplers had an actual cast pin that ran through the coupler and actually actuated the knuckle as it raised or lowered.  Unfortunately, the pin hung below the knuckle much like the 'hose' on Kadee couplers does, but necessarily so since to open the knuckle on these coupler the pin had to be pushed upward by some sort of lifting mechanism or hand-inserted gizmo such as a flathead screwdriver.
(See attached photo)
The attached photo does not do the DEVORE coupler much credit (only an overhead shot), and I cannot locate my other detailed photos of it, but it should be enough to get the idea across.  Not a bad design considering it's age which I'm guessing is at least 40 years old... maybe even 50.  Like someone else said, I doubt something like this could be done in HO considering the size restrictions... but Tim's wire lift ring for a knuckle locking pin approach seems to work quite well.
Will try more, later to locate the other photos of the DEVORE and upload them.
John Degnan

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A longer answer is, from Sergent - probably no; if you do it yourself
then possibly yes. A YouTube video exists of someone who has done this
though they give no details on what they did to do it.

Happy Holidays and best to you all,

Land of OZ

On 24/12/2014 17:38, [SergentEng] wrote:
> The short answer is no.
> Read the material on the Sergent web site again, carefully.
> Rex Beistle

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