Re: Operations


Simplistically put I meant dropping cars from a train and picking up cars to be taken somewhere. I will have loaded ore cars going from a mine to a mill and loaded mill cars going to a smelter. Of course the appropriate empties will be handled in reverse. I will also be sending oil from wells to refinery and returning empty oil cars to be reloaded. I have timber from a logging area going to a sawmill and cut lumber and firewood going to the mine and other places. I have a projected limestone mine and a coke operation. I have one major yard finished and 2 smaller yards planned and the main mine spur will have 6 mines along the way and the grade will require me to drop the empties from the main so that a Heisler can shove them up the grade and then back down the full ones  I'm basically a lone wolf and trains in a circle won't cut it for me. And as long as I'm on a roll let me say I really didn't plan to start a war and I really hope the wounds are all superficial. I believe that some of the opposing views come from people who operate in the same group.  I think we all learned a lot about couplers and operations and tolerance or lack of tolerance. Merry Christmas to all. Blayne

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