Re: [SergentEng] Sergent couplers and operations

Duncan Harvey


    I agree with most of what you say.  The coupler situation is indeed one of "to each his own".  Blayne asked about operations with Sergents and any comments he got none at the point I started my response to him.  I outlined to him, as I have done several times since, here on the list, the problems I encountered.  Mike says they operated successfully with Sergents and even with Sergents and Kadees.  I disagree.  Two people observing the same event.  Two different opinions.

    For anyone to make any sort of educated decision they need to have the facts.  And not just some of the facts, but all of them.  To do otherwise is to be inaccurate and in danger of making a poor (uninformed) decision.

    I made no sweeping statements about Sergents not being good for operations.  What I did say was  that, in my experience Sergents did not work well in operations.    I then said many would stop there but I would go on to explain what I meant.  Hardly a sweeping condemnation of Sergents!  I am told some "operate" by having the loco pull the train of cars around the layout.  That is fine, but not what I was referring to when I used the term "operations".  I identified what I meant by operations and further I described, in detail, the situations I had encountered where there were problems using Sergents.  No one has been able to tell me of a way to solve these problems.  Several (six by my current count) have said  that, in a situation like I have described, it is probably best to go with Kadees!  Several have said something about not having problems in situations where there was no visual obstruction.  Several have mentioned having problems with uncoupling Kadees behind such obstructions.  Note that I never said anything (I don't believe) about being able to do so.  Only that I had problems trying to couple Sergents behind such obstructions where I did not have that problem with Kadees. 

    I would refer you to my response to John, which I posted just a bit ago.  I am fully entitled to mention that I work at Caboose Hobbies, as long as I don't misrepresent anything.  The reason for saying anything about it was to let you, Blayne, or anyone else know a bit about who I am and what background I might have.  The mention indicated nothing about the store's feeling towards any coupler.  I suspect they have no feeling one way or the other.  They try to get in and sell what the customers want.  Read about my involvement with them and Sergent couplers to see some of what I mean.

    Once again, here is a charge being thrown out by someone who does not know the other person.   That is far more inappropriate than anything I said!  And it is said by one grown, adult man, to another he does not know.  How strange it is, the way we will treat someone we cannot see and are likely to never meet!  Grown men, talking about their hobby of model railroading, during the holiday season and insulting one another!  Why do we do this?  Is it considered the correct course of action?  A mystery!
                                                                                                                    Duncan Harvey

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