Re: [SergentEng] S scale is BIG

John Degnan

Thanks for posting this photo, Frank.  Got me biting my nails and chomping at the bit, here!
One question though... I noticed that the BACK end of the shank, when viewed from a side-profile, is not completely vertical.  Is this intentional?  And is this how the final production couplers will all turn out?  If so, this is going to cause a "huge" problem with the design of my draft gear boxes since the centering method I've developed is dependent on the back of the shank being vertical (or darn near vertical)... not sloped as it now appears to be ib this photo.
Sure, this can be corrected with a file... but it sure would be nice to not have to file the back end of every single coupler's shank.  After spending the last year and a half developing my design based entirely on the test sample you sent me a while back, this apparent issue has me sweating and dreading and hoping you're gonna make them the same way you did the test sample. PLEASE look into it before you go into full-fledged production... this could really mess up the works for my product.
This new S coupler is your product and you surely have the freedom to do as you see fit with it... I'm just hoping the get a bone thrown at me in the end.   :)
Here's to hope!
John Degnan

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Hi Folks,

I just posted a pic of the forthcoming S scale coupler that John Degnan spoke of. I thought you guys might want to see the comparison between the HO coupler and the S scale coupler. The S scale couplers are HUGE.


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