Re: [SergentEng] Sergent couplers and operations

Mike Conder

Looks like Duncan has generated a lively thread here, some good tips in response to his post. 

A bit more info and another opinion here: Duncan and I are members of the same HOn3 module group.  I am converting to the Sharon couplers, as have another in our group.  In fact, the other person has operated successfully on our layout with the Sharons, and with a mix of Kadees and Serents as well.  He & I, along with John Neimeyer, have written an article for the almost-issued HOn3 Annual, including a detailed description of the Sergent operating experience on our modules (BTW, I only did the writing, the other guys did all the work!)

Also, about our modules: they are HOn3 Free-Mo, 24" wide with a centerline track, and 50" height.  And I have operated with Kadees on Duncan's module, and have had problems coupling with the Kadees in exactly the spot he mentions. 

The point of a group layout sometimes having to be set to the lowest common denominator is valid and active in our group. A decision to keep from mixing Sharons and Kadees was not unanimous, and I expect we will see a 100% Sergent operating session in the near future. 

Mike Conder  

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