Re: [SergentEng] Sharons and Kadees in HOn3

Duncan Harvey


Thanks for the response and the information! Yes, the Sharon couplers will hold together with the Kadees, or with themselves, very reliably. They are good looking couplers and I love the way they operate.

However, I can only get the Sharons to occasionally couple with the Kadees. One Sharon will not couple at all without major jiggling and wiggling. Others will occasionally couple, but still need the wiggling. All of them take some manipulation of the uncoupling wand to get them to uncouple. None of them couple right up, or uncouple expeditiously, which is what we need on an operations based layout. I don't want to just pull trains around in a circle. I want to be able to couple and uncouple them reliably and with little, or no, hesitation.

I wonder if the problems I am having and seeing, have to do especially with the HOn3 situation? Kadee HO and HOn3 couplers are quite different, in both size and design. So, what works in HO may not work in HOn3.

I want to be able to use the Sergent couplers. But, I need something that will work with Kadees, so I can use them on the modules, where Kadees are the specific couplers to be used and what most of the operators have on their equipment. I do not want to have two sets of equipment. One for the home layout and one for the modules. My favorite engines are going to be the ones I run at home as well as on the modules. So, they need to have couplers that will work in both places. failing that I will have to go with the one that is the most useable. Unfortunately, right now, that is the Kadee - with all its recognized and agreed on faults.

Is there any chance of some sort of modification to the Sharons that would make them more compatible with the Kadees? If so that would be a great development! This is something you are doing that Kadee has failed to do for years. That is listen to the modelers. We have wanted and asked for, from Kadee, a coupler design that eliminated the jerking, a coupler that would easily mount on the pilot, couplers with off set heads to help with alignment issues and so on. Kadee has not responded to any of these requests. The closest they came was making the #713 coupler in the reddish color, to better replicate the rust, or box car color of a lot of cars. You have managed to cover several of these requests. But, there are so many Kadees out there that we need something that will work with them, for those of us who don't operate in isolation.

Sharons, by themselves, are a real pleasure to operate! They are a new experience as well. Just wish they were more universal, or at least compatible with Kadees.

Since I work in the world's largest model train store I was hoping this new design would be universal and I could really push them and the design to modelers of all sorts and levels of experience.

Please consider the idea of modifying the design to accommodate Kadees. I think all it might need is some small addition to the moving part of the knuckle, so the Kadee head will be able to hit it and nudge the coupler to close.

Again, thanks for your information and thoughts. I will not be asking for a refund as I can dispose of them to others, if that turns out to be what I decide to do.

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