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Frank Sergent

Hi Duncan,
It appears that my "Compatible with..." claim has set expectations higher than I intended. My basis for the claim was compared to the current situation in HO where Kadee and Sergent Engineering couplers won't even come close to mating together without some major modifications to one or both couplers.
In contrast, you can at least run the different HOn3 couplers reliably in the same train. The coupling operation isn't great, but if you use the Sergent Engineering method to open the knuckle and align the coupler first, then you'll likely have success. I haven't had any trouble using the Sergent uncoupling wand to uncouple a Sergent coupler from a Kadee coupler. 
All the "rules" for using Sergent couplers alone still apply for a Sergent coupler mated to a KD coupler. You still have to line things up prior to coupling and one of the knuckles has to be opened (In the case of a Sergent and Kadee, of course its the Sergent knuckle that has to be opened.) In the case of Sergent to Sergent, its best to have only one of the knuckles open.
I have long understood and never made it a secret that Sergent couplers aren't for everyone. These "rules" can be a real pain on a layout that wasn't designed with the rules in mind. I still contend that they can be an absolute pleasure to operate on some layouts.
If you or anyone else on this list that might share in this disapointment in the Sharon couplers wish, I have no problem issuing a refund. Just send an email offlist via the link on our home page at

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I have a problem with the new Sharon couplers.  I was really looking forward to them as they would easy my transition from Kadees to Sergents since they will work with the Kadees, in HOn3.  Well they don't!

 I bought and assembled several.  Mounted them on various makes of cars.  Tried to couple them to Kadee #714 and they will not couple!  I have to work at it with some effort to get them to finally link up.  Same with uncoupling.
And since they do not have a centering spring and you have to align them by eye, and since we are getting older and our depth perception is not what it used to be, it appears it will be very hard to get them in proper alignment when they are a couple of feet away from us.   Like at the back of a scene.  This is not what we want on an operations based layout, like my club has.

Have any others found this to be true?  Is there some modification, or technique I am missing that will solve these problems?  Do the couplers need some development modification to get them to truly work with Kadees in HOn3?  Advice?

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