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Rob Barker

their polyurethane matte varnish dries dead flat and is tough.  airbrushes beautifully (same formula as their primers.)  the gloss version takes decals like Future.   neither cloud or crack like so many other water based clear coats (modelflex, microscale and the like.)  

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Interesting, never tried brushing their clear.  Will pick some more up soon and try it.

Mike Conder

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Try the Vallejo clear coat, I have just brush painted a model tank decals and it went perfectly, no brush marks what so ever, I am very impressed




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Vallejo is such great paint! I haven't tried airbrushing it.


It hand paints like a dream! I am not sure what clear coat to use on it. I tried Future floor polish and it just beaded up on the Vallejo------- :)




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Yep, stopped in there on Saturday and saw the new display.

Also saw a Mr. Surfacer red primer, may be another spray paint option worth trying.

Mike Conder


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