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Michael Murray

For whatever reason I can’t get the link in my previous post to work (thank you Yahoo!).  Michigan Toy Solders has a wide variety of rust colored paints, washes and pigments to choose from including Vallejo.  I’ve purchased a number of things from then including a variety of rust materials and recommend you at least browse through their stuff whether you purchase from them or not.


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Colpar West has a pretty good line of Vallejo, that's where I usually get the colors.  Colpar East (Hobbytown) didn't carry them, though there was some thought that they would (when I talked to them about 6 months ago).  Hobby Lobby has a limited amount, and as Arved mentioned, MicroMark is starting to carry some.  I think  the MicroMark-branded paints are also Vallejo.

Mike Conder

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