Re: [SergentEng] Which couplers

Martin Matsil

Hi,gang,i believe FL-9's also used these tight lock couplers,the passenger cars used,the type H,while the locomotives used the type F,the h did not have the lower shelf,but the type F,did.But the FL-9's that were rebuilt for metro-north,the a/c models,had N-2-a,automatic couplers,for the forrunners,of the new trains that go to Port Jefferson.The FL-9 a/c,s have since been scrapped,which isĀ  waste of a great locomotive,also scrapped was FP-10,and FL-9 2008,another blooper,by the mta,who cares only about money.!The FP-10 SCRAPPED WAS 410,AND FL-9 WAS REALLY 2033.THEY ARE GARBAGE,THE MANAGEMENT OF THE MTA.HAVE A GREAT WEEK END.GOD BLESS.

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