Re: [SergentEng] Website dow

Christopher Zurek

It still shows as being down on my home internet connection (CenturlyLink/Qwest) but it shows as being up on my phone (AT&T cellular).

So I guess it hasn't spread throughout the Internet that it's back up.

Chris Z.

On 9/1/2014 6:02 AM, Rob Barker robkbarker@... [SergentEng] wrote:
Hey mate,  It was down for me too.   but it seem to be back now.

Rob Barker

On Mon, Sep 1, 2014 at 7:03 PM, roblmclear@... [SergentEng] <SergentEng@...> wrote:

Hi Guys

Tried to access the website today and order some couplers, but the site appeared to be down, when I tried to email them it was returned as undeliverable, any ideas?

Rob McLear


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