Building and installing Sergent couplers

Mike Van Hove

Hello, group,
I am in the final stages of installing Sergent EC87 and EN87 couplers on 198 HO passenger and freight cars, as well as 15 HO Steam Locos and one HO Diesel. ( I need one KATO NW2 so I have something that will always run, for when I get a steamer stuck in a tunnel or in hidden track.)
I really don't much care for Diesels, but I must admit, that Kato NW2 is a darn smooth and dependable runner. Ir was pretty easy to apply Sergent Couplers to it, as well.

If you are new to the Sergent Couplers, as I was, about 1 month ago, I highly recommend purchasing the Assembly Jigs and the Reamer. That reamer has saved my bacon on several installs. It cuts the inside of the coupler very smoothly, and quickly, so just give it a couple of twists, then check to see how it fits.

I have found that a very small jewelers screwdriver that has become slightly magnetized is very handy for installing the springs. Of course, the springs want to keep stuck to the screwdriver, when you remove it, so just use a sharp lead pencil to hold the spring in place, while you remove the magnetized screwdriver. Really works quite well.

I have developed several other techniques for assembly. I will be happy share them as the need arises.

Mike Van Hove
Columbia, MO

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