Re: On30 Couplers

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr

Hello Frank and Mike;
Most 30" railroads use or used 1/2 size couplers. The closest for "O" would be H0 ones (1:87 vs 1:96).
I do not know of any 30" common carriers that used a larger coupler. AS for 2' in Maine only one started with 3/4 size couplers, the WW&F. FAIK, all the others used 1/2 size couplers. I'm sure I will be corrected if I am in error. :)
BTW: "S" is exactly 3/4 size of "O" so a std coupler in S is a 3/4 size in O and vise versa.
BTBTW:: I use H0 for 3/4 size in S and I'm still wondering what to do for my 2' tram. 1/2 size using "N" couplers or do I stick to L&P :) I think there is a HOn3 3/4 size in brass kit form but a ........

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr
Sn42 and Hn42 somewhere in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest


S scale are perfect. I use those for On2 and they are real close to 3/4
Actually a hair too big for On2, but closer than Kadees.

Gary Kohler

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