Re: pencil vs neo was New Sharon couplers

On my Sharons the Neolube works better. Was looking for dry lube to try when I gave the neolube a go. Yes Micro-mark is where I got mine.

May try ptfe and a micro brush if painting gets to be an issue. Net step is to bet coupler boxes for my kit and scratch builds. Going to standardize on these couplers. Well worth the $ and effort. Frank has always made good products and these are even better than the others I have used.

Thanks Cameron \ Rabbi

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Pencil 'lead' contains clay and other fillers.

If using pencil 'lead' for lubrication, use a softer grade pencil. A 2H pencil is too hard and contains too little graphite to provide the desired lubrication.

I suggest an HB or softer pencil. The art supply section of your favorite craft store will have these.

Rex Beistle

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Pencil lead is graphite. Both Kaddee and Woodland Scenic sell powdered graphite in a little squeeze tube. Or grind some mechanical pencil leads

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr
Sn42 and Hn42 somewhere in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest
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