Kato coupler conversions

Alan Hummel

 Hi,my name is Alan.

I have 2 SD40&2 Kato GP35 diesels. The number on the SD 40 boxes is respectively:37-O1R&37-01Q. The GPs,I don't have in front of me,but the actual engine numbers on those diesels are 4416&4420. All 4 diesels are in CSX YN2 lettering/paint schemes.

I noticed all 4 diesels have "Horn hook" couplers on them&there's a round plastic "peg" that holds the coulers in place. Their SD40-2 brothers have Kato couplers&a coupler box on.Am wondering what type coupler box needs to be installed here? Narrow shank possibly?

Second question is how do I get to the couplers? Does the whole upper frame have to come off? Oddly enough,I haven't actually been able to find any mounting screws if in fact there are any.(?)

Should I use long shank coupers on  SD&GP diesels? I plan to have 28/26 radius curves on the Mainlines,so except in turnouts,there won't be any sharp curves.(?)

If anyone's interested in these diesels,these are all new in the boxes&since I have an extensive line of diesels,I could be persuaded to part with them,I think.


Thank you.


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