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Ok. Will call tomorrow for particulars. Where to send check etc. 

You nailed it. 43 years on Conrail, mostly as Yardmaster. and how about that for for an email address. Tell me what time for telephonic communication. 


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They are still available, couple inquiries but no takers prior to your email, so they are yours.  I can take cash or checks without any problems.  Will need your address and I'll get them ready to go.  I think these are easily the best option for HO but I've been switching to O scale due to size and my ability to see details much better.  Biggest problem with O is trying to figure out exactly what you're getting, somewhat of a challenge if you're into high accuracy - plus it does take some space!

I'm getting ready to sell most of my HO stuff, brass steam, cars, etc., plus some trackwork.  If you have any specific or preferred interests let me know.  Most of it is medium to high end. fair selection of brass steamers, a few oddball diesels I picked up in some sales, etc.  I'm trying to get some time to get everything listed, seems to take forever just to round it up and we're still completing a few home projects.  I built the house over 4 years and it's quite a project to get every last detail finalized even now.  I haven't done much of anything except some final track for the live steam (7.5" gauge) and fixing the boiler on a steamer.  Now we're looking to move from Nebraska, damn  taxes are in the worst 5 in the country and my wife is thinking of retiring so...

I assume you were ex-Conrail.  I had almost 10 years with UP, operations, HQs, then wound up with 2 shortlines.  By being the boss I could get tor run the engines!.......

You can call me at 712-574-9800 if you have questions.


John Larkin  

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I am interested/good for it. Contact me at my email. Conrailyardmaster@.... 

On Aug 5, 2022, at 6:10 PM, John Larkin via <jflarkingrc@...> wrote:

Moving from HO to O and I uncovered a package of EN87KB couplers.  I came with 144 couplers and 95% or more are still there.  I'd like to sell the majority remainder of these (estimate 125-135+) and asking $80 for the bunch plus $10 toward shipping (USA only I better add!).  I bought a Steam Loco Pocket & Coupler with these ($16) and IF I can find it I'll throw it in.  Too much stuff, too little space, too little time!

Cash or checks are fine.

John Larkin

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