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Christopher Zurek

That's what I do. I build a bunch and put them in a prescription pill canister. Then I break them in when a take some out for installation. 

Chris Z.

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From: Nathan Rich
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These actually aren't hard, I was a bit surprised. The jig I suspect has everything to do with that. Body, ball, knuckle, dot of glue, cover, another dot, done. This was the result of about 15 minutes of work. I am going to save the break-in step for later when I can sit down with a pile and do a bunch at once.

I do plan on sacrificing a pair of couplers to see how much strain they will actually take. I also plan on doing a pair of Kadee's for comparison.


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Hang in there Nathan, the more you do, the more you refine your technique and increase your output. Congrats on your 1rst step.

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

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