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Andy Reichert

I'm sorry about failing eyesight. I'm getting up there myself, so I do understand. But speaking as someone who still manufactures as my retirement hobby,  I can assure you, offering a ready assembled option for tiny inexpensive items is the easiest way to waste a ton of time earning 50 cents an hour that I know.

"A bit more" economically is actually several times the cost of the unassembled item.


On 12/13/2021 1:14 PM, Leni Bogat wrote:
If I may may modify an adage to suit  the purpose, a manufacturer could also include the whiskers from the beginning. And, on behalf of those with eyes as old as mine, a fully assembled option for ready to install couplers. I would gladly pay a bit more not to require a microscope in order to assemble them myself. After seeing how they look on a few cars, I want them for my entire fleet, but I can’t count on having enough years left to accomplish the task.


On Dec 13, 2021, at 3:02 PM, Edward Sutorik via <Edwardsutorik@...> wrote:

IF you have a mill, you could build a fixture that could hold and position a coupler body on its side so that:

you could cut a groove down the side that would hold the wire.  It would both provide easy alignment and also give  more surface area for the glue bond.

I'm looking at a catalog that is showing engraving cutters with a tip radius.  A 90 degree cutter can have a tip radius of .0025, which would be good for .005 wire and smaller.  Same for a 60 degree.

Of course, a manufacturer could include such a groove from the beginning.


Edward Sutorik
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