Re: [SergentEng] SE, SBE and F couplers... wow!

Christopher Zurek


Between what I need and what my son needs I've bought pretty much some of almost all the Sergent couplers (both standard shank and narrow shank) except for Type SF , the Tailor Made and the Sharon couplers. They are all nice.

I'm currently building some Type F for my BN and Southern power, and some Type H for my Santa Fe passenger F units and an Amtrak F40PH. Not having an assembly fixture does make it a little more "fun".

Chris Z.

On 4/27/2014 1:04 AM, Ryan Harris wrote:
I recently received an order for some SE, SBE and F couplers. I was
prepared for the rough finish I've seen online (and honestly, perfectly
okay with that after seeing Kadee's attempt at shelf couplers), but I
was instead knocked out with how nice these couplers actually are. The
Type F couplers are really something to behold. I deal with them up
close and personal at work and I have to say these miniature versions
are as close to perfect as I could have hoped for. Both the F couplers
and the SEs work just as the prototype, so no worries about any
unintended uncoupling.

I had already assembled two of the bulk packs of the standard E
couplers, so it's not difficult for me to clean the parts and put these
things together. Having said that, the SE and F couplers are a bit
tricky to keep the parts together while gluing the bottom cover plate
on, especially when trying to keep the knuckle in place. I have to say I
sure do miss being able to use an assembly fixture. If there were ever
assembly fixtures offered for the SE or F couplers, I would certainly
buy and use them.

I've assembled and installed most of the couplers I received in this
recent order, so it shouldn't be long before I need to place another
order. I'm actually looking forward to finishing up my tank car and coal
gondola fleet now.

Ryan H
Fort Worth

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