Re: Added friction for Accumate box

George Hofmann

Here's one more technique. This one is for increasing friction rather than self centering. I found that Kadee 209 fiber washers can be used as friction inducing shims in both the Accumate/narrow shank and the wide box/standard shank versions. They fit right over the pivot post in both cases. For the former I add one washer under the coupler. For the latter I need two on top of the shank as well for a total of three. We just need enough washers to remove all of the slack. When the lid is tightened down the washers squeeze on the shank. The beauty of this scheme is that the amount of friction that results is a function of the torque applied to the screw. Make it as little or as much as you like. The washers are a little too wide for the narrow box but can be easily trimmed to fit with a hobby knife.

Edgewood, WA

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