Re: Added friction for Accumate box

Andy Reichert

IIRC, Frank deliberately avoided making the couplers self-centering in order to make them as true scale and prototypical as possible.


On 9/18/2021 10:11 AM, Donald B. Pirkey via wrote:
How long of a segment of tubing are you using? How big is the "donut"?

On Thursday, September 16, 2021, 09:56:44 PM CDT, George Hofmann <george.hofmann@...> wrote:

I discovered how to put springy material in the Accumate narrow coupler box to provide self centering. I found that I could use shrink tubing cut into short lengths to create donuts. These are then placed one on either side of the rear end of the shank between it and the box wall. When the coupler moves side to side it squeezes the donut which provides the springiness. The tubing I'm using looks like it is about 1.5 mm in outer diameter. I tried a bigger size but it was too stiff. I also tried using insulation stripped from 24 awg silicone wire and that worked but was also quite stiff. It seems that the tubing used must have a relatively thin wall.

This solution is quick, easy, inexpensive and reversible. It works perfectly for self centering. It will be what I use going forward.

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