Re: Added friction for Accumate box

Dale Buxton

Nice solution George!

On Sat, Aug 28, 2021 at 10:22 AM George Hofmann <george.hofmann@...> wrote:
Some time ago I posted a self-centering mod for narrow shank Sergents in the Accumate box ( This works but requires an irreversible modification to the shank and some fiddling. The reason for self-centering, for me at least, is that it is far too easy to knock the coupler out of alignment when opening the knuckle with the wand. Getting it back into alignment is frustrating to put it mildly. The spring in the shank is supposed to supply friction but in the Accumates at least, it does not provide nearly enough.

So I thought if lack of friction is the problem why not add more? After some twiddling I devised this method. I take some 3M blue painter's tape (accept no substitutes) and cut some narrow strips whose width is about the same as the height of the pivot post in the box., Then I cut segments from this strip, maybe 3/8 inch in length. I wrap these segments around the post and put the shank in place. The spring is not needed. This technique provides a significant increase in friction. Only the clumsiest operator would now knock the coupler out of alignment. But the friction is not so much that it interferes with normal operation of the coupler assembly. This is a completely reversible modification, unlike the self-centering. Will it last? Time will tell but my experience is that the 3M tape is extremely durable and does not deteriorate. But again, if it did, the mod is reversible.

As for the springs, they can be tossed. Or get a piece of monofilament, string the springs on it and give it to your wife as a necklace.

Edgewood, WA

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