Re: Coupler balls

Ken Anderson

It would be nice if Frank would offer a small quantity of reasonably priced balls for those of us that need more than 3 at a time…..and not rely on China.

On Jul 11, 2021, at 10:22 AM, George Hofmann <george.hofmann@...> wrote:

Sorry Jeff. I had added a post mentioning the desirability of using stainless balls (if such even exists) before immediately realizing SS is likely non-magnetic. So I deleted the post but not before you saw it and replied. But it brings up the point that I think should be made. Namely we should be careful about the quality of the balls that we substitute. A little bit of corrosion will render the coupler as inoperable. I don't know anything about metallurgy but I suspect the quality of anything made in China and that is surely where the replacements are coming from.

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