Re: Mixing Sharons and Type E's

Dale Buxton

Since a Sergent is a true to scale coupler. We have the best experience there is. The full size railroads. Sharons and the slightly larger MCB Type D couplers were made to be compatible with each other at the knuckle faces. The Type E coupler is only a slightly modified MCB Type D. There were thousands of cars with Sharons on them after the Type D and E's came into service. I use both Sharon's and Type E's on my HO/HOn3 interchange and they mate just fine with one another just like they did in the Alamosa dual gauge yards. I need a special dual gauge coupling car of a switcher with two couplers on both ends and at different heights over their respective track centers. But the Sharons and Type E's mate just fine.  

Dale Buxton

On Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 8:38 PM Jeff Ford <sectioncar@...> wrote:
Does anyone have experience mixing Sharons and Type E's in operation? Any idiosyncrasies?

-Jeff Ford
Sanger, Texas 

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