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Andy Reichert

Hi Matt,

For the sake of being picky. Proto:87 is specifically a wheel profile and track flange ways model engineering standard. The realism and accuracy of the rest of the model is whatever the modeler makes of it. By definition therefore Sergent couplers fit in the latter category.

That said, the couplers are both highly accurate and ingeniously operate virtually prototypically. I'm a big fan.


On 3/12/2021 8:03 AM, Matthew Harris wrote:
Hello to whom it may concern I'm sending this email to inform those who are apart of this special interest group that I m a avid model Railroader who specializes in highly detailed museum quality models. I recently have made the switch from rp25 to proto 87. I look forward to hearing from you and those who are user's of Sergent couplers.

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