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Christopher Zurek

I turned 50 in January and I've been wearing bifocals since I was 38. When I build couplers (or do almost any model building) I have to wear my bifocals and use an Optivisor. I actually have a couple of different ones.

I use the assembly jigs and a pair of sharp point tweezers. Both are stainless steel, one is completely non-magnetic and the other one has a slight amount of magnetism. The slight amount of magnetism helps hold the ball, then I use the non-magnetic tweezers to "scrape" the ball into the hole. For glue I use Super Glue brand Future Glue Gel.

For lubricant I have a couple of pencils and a tube of powdered graphite I bought 33 years ago.

Chris Z.

On 4/20/2014 9:17 AM, Ross wrote:
I have enjoyed reading these posts! I'm going home from the hospital today. I'm in between 25 and 56, not really 48. i just got bifocals a couple years ago and I made the decision to convert my 1950's equipment and purchased several of the 144 packs and have found it very relaxing to assemble them. Like others i clean, then rub the pencil, sort and finally when i assemble i use a small plastic bin lid as a mat so the small bearings have a place to stay if dropped. i use a pair of long surgical tweezers to put the bearings into 50 or so shanks and then and will I assemble I us a single fixture and glue them together and set aside to dry. Then when the 144 are done I go back and add the additional glue. I stil have not figured out a weathering method that I like. But I have time.

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Hi Nathan:

Though I've never done this either,I've been planning for a few months,studying construction steps,trying to figure the best approach to assembly.

My approach would be to lay out all your parts carefully. Whatever you do,whether it be painting,cleaning out the steel bearing sockets,etc.,do 1 proceedure to all couplers,then move on to the next proceedure. I'm on prescription medications&assemble my medications for 2 weeks at a time&find this proceedure works well,dealing with 1 medication at a time,then moving on to the next 1,instead of changing back&forth. It's an assembly line procedure that works well for me.

Unlike you,I'm 56&the nerves aren't what they used to be,so I may have to go with preessembled couplers,though if I settle my nerves&get all my tools ready before hand,I think I can handle it. The bulk packs are great as far as the cost savings&the number of cars you can put on the track when finished. I can put 72 cars on the track at a time when assembling the SBE coupler bulk pack.

Did you know that there are now airlines on the market that couple magnetically? I've watched the U tube demo&they look really neat,expensive but neat.

Hope this helps.

Happy Easter!




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