Re: [SergentEng] Re: pencil vs neo was New Sharon couplers

Christopher Zurek

I bought some of the Kadee powdered graphite and found that it is ground too coarse for my liking to use in Sergent couplers.

Then while digging through my automotive tool box I found a tube of powdered graphite I bought in 1980 when I was in high school...yes, I've had it that long It's called Mr. Zip Extra Fine Graphite made by AGS Co. in Muskegon, MI.
It turns out the company still exists and the website shows that they still make fine powdered graphite, but it is no longer called Mr. Zip.

It's supposed to be available at Ace Hardware, True Value Hardware and several auto parts stores.

Chris Z.

On 11/29/2013 2:28 PM, Talmadge C 'TC' Carr wrote:

Pencil lead is graphite. Both Kaddee and Woodland Scenic sell powdered graphite in a little squeeze tube. Or grind some mechanical pencil leads

Talmadge C 'TC' Carr
Sn42 and Hn42 somewhere in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest


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