Re: Well, that was quick...

Mike Conder

Recognize that some good practices aren't always part of FRA regulations.

Mike Conder

On Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 6:17 PM Edward Sutorik via <> wrote:
Here is a list of FRA freight car defects:

I don't see any listing for a painted coupler or a painted wheel.  If there's no listing, it can't be written up.  If it can't be written up, you can't force a correction.

So it would appear there is no FRA objection to painted couplers and wheels.

Speaking of couplers:  I paint mine with Testors flat enamel after they're assembled.  I haven't noticed any problems, other than the paint coming off here and there.  I would likely have used Floquil if it were still available.  Sniff.


Edward Sutorik

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