Re: Couplers

Kevin Packard

Just wanted to follow up on my findings with printed couplers.  I have installed 6 sets of type F's on grain hoppers (metal knuckle) and have extensively tested them.  I have not had a single failure when running in a decent size train (25-30 cars) with and without powered DPU's.  Not one has come uncoupled.  On one DPU train I had a car derail at the rear and one of my metal E's failed (ball failure) near the front of the train due to the resulting force.  I had 5 cars with printed couplers in this section of train and they did not fail.

I also have been testing the bronze couplers that Andrew had made, and as expected they work great.  Not to mention they are beautiful in their natural "gold" shine.  I almost don't want to paint them.


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