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Christopher Zurek

I like building kits also.

This week I'm building three Intermountain PS-1 box car kits.

The first one is a 50' car that was put out by the UP Historical Society some years a go. A friend of mine had three and decided he didn't need all of them so he gave me one because I had no Union Pacific cars. From what info I could find the prototypes were built in 1967 or so. So I built the model with ladders all the way around, Moloco PS cushion pockets with Sergent compatible shank couplers and ExactRail  Barber S-2 RB 70T trucks.

The other two cars are Cotton Belt 40' PS-1 box cars with 8' doors. I bought these maybe 20 years ago. I never looked at the kits until this week and saw they came with the wrong instructions!
I'm building them they way they appeared in 1980 at the end of their lives. I'm using narrow shank Sergent couplers with scale width boxes on these along with Plano running boards and Kadee trucks.

I build almost all of the Sergent couplers I use. I found that the narrow shank Type E couplers work better than the compatible shank Type E couplers. The compatibles take more break in time.

Chris Z.

On 4/17/2014 11:24 PM, Jason McKee wrote:

I too love assembling kits, and strangely enough I love assembling the sergent couplers.  I have only been looking for one kit at the moment, and that is an intermountain r70-20 undec refer, no one has them anywhere. But if I can find a kit that fits my 1990-1996 era for the right price then I buy it.  As far as the steel ball goes, I have not had any issues what so ever, and living in Brisbane we get some really good humidity changes which cause great issues with my glasses fogging up.  in fact the only problem I have had was when I used my fingers to put them in (only did it on my first few).  The ball stays stuck down or up, so from now on I always use tweezers to insert the ball and make sure the couplers are spotless with no flash or debris anywhere, needless to say  don’t have any issues now,  will have to pull apart the old ones and clean them up to free the ball again.


Live and learn


Jason McKee

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