Re: Couplers

Tim L


Thanks for that post link back. I stand corrected. I must have missed that post somehow and when Frank had mentioned zinc in another post I took that to mean pure zinc.


No sarcasm detected. I think your on the right track looking beyond spun cast so early on in the piece, and I think the shapes of anything but the standard and lower shelf E may preclude them from being spun cast easily anyway.

I think Tom is right, the collective might of the minds here can make the couplers being available again happen, it's just taken us awhile to get some steam up.

As for dies (presumably for diecasting), that's a road I wouldn't go down just yet personally. I'd concentrate on the investment cast types (double shelf E, Type F, SF, H etc) and if you do a good job of them Frank may just live up to his statement and sell the dies to you at a price that you can not refuse.

- Tim

On 12/03/2020 11:01, Chris Costello wrote:
I appreciate the history lesson...that may sound sarcastic but it really isn't meant to be.
I'm actually very skeptical that spin casting will work, and not even because of the strength of the pewter.  For that reason I'm already looking beyond spin casting into dies or investment casting...which may help with the existing business anyways.
Keep the information coming...our goal is to make sure we can offer a quality product at a reasonable price.

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