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Chris Costello

I appreciate the history lesson...that may sound sarcastic but it really isn't meant to be.  

I'm actually very skeptical that spin casting will work, and not even because of the strength of the pewter.  For that reason I'm already looking beyond spin casting into dies or investment casting...which may help with the existing business anyways. 

Keep the information coming...our goal is to make sure we can offer a quality product at a reasonable price.


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Should have mention Frank and I were only discussing the material utilized in the latest versions of his couplers ... not the original couplers.  I defer to anyone with that knowledge ...

Tom C.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 07:29:57 PM EDT, Tom Colasurdo via Groups.Io <t_colasurdo@...> wrote:

Thank you Steve ... this Group has been so friendly and helpful that I don't want to see any strife created ... we all have the same goal of keeping Frank's amazing couplers available for those that choose to utilize on their models.  Sharing our collective knowledge and experiences of these couplers will certainly help move this effort forward ... even if we have different portions or conflicting information ... all part of the journey.

I stand by that post ... if necessary I can dig out and post the complete e-mail; but rest assured, all I did was parrot the information I received by copying and pasting (least amount of effort) from the e-mail I received from Frank.

That being said, I have no problem with exploring suitable materials ... I'm just hoping we solve the problem at hand - making Frank's amazing couplers available again in a material that meets the needs of those of us that operate our models.

Have a great day.

Tom C.

On Wednesday, March 11, 2020, 01:43:54 PM EDT, Steve Wintner via Groups.Io <steve_wintner@...> wrote:

Frank uses a Zinc alloy, per that post.


On Wed, Mar 11, 2020 at 6:32, Tim L
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Franks original couplers were cast in pewter. No bad reflection on Frank
as it's how he started and you have to start somewhere but the couplers
were just ...a pain to work with and the strength of the parts dubious
and I gave up on them in pretty short order (I still have a fresh
unopened pack of them, do we have a Sergent museum anywhere?). I came
back to them once Frank had started doing them diecast and investment
cast in zinc (Frank uses pure zinc from memory, not zamac which is an
alloy of zinc and aluminium).

I'm not trying to discourage you from trying to do them spun cast in
pewter, just giving you the history that we've been there before so you
can make a better informed judgement on your business planning.

- Tim

On 11/03/2020 21:41, Chris wrote:
> I figured I should add in here since I am the other one "talking to a
> company"...I shared with Andrew but figured we are far enough along I
> can share a bit more publicly...although I won't say what company yet,
> my brother and I are in the process of buying another company.  They
> currently do most of their work with spin casting, which I fear is not
> going to be dimensionally stable enough or produce a clean enough cast,
> but I am going to try it once we get things set up (mid to late April). 
> If we can get the parts casting reliably and consistent, then we will go
> that route, however we are looking at getting in to investment casting
> as well.  The success (or failure) with spin casting the couplers will
> drive how quickly we get into investment casting, however we have talked
> and we would really like to add sergent compatible couplers to our
> catalog so it will be one of the first new products we work on releasing.
> Anything we produce will either be done in the pewter that is currently
> being used in the spin casting process or zamak (which I seem to
> remember is what Frank is currently using).
> Chris Costello

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